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The Brief

Big River Trading Company developed a line of vape products named Outagami (Ott A Gaum e) This premium vape lines was an automatic hit in Ireland. Plaid Swan’s challenge was to determine how to best take a new brand and make a large impact in the United States with a niche’ audience. The competitor filed is enormous to say the least and many brands were already well established when this line came to life.


Our Solution

The approach was threefold. Rather than incurring the large expense of traditional media, we immediately went to social media, developing very detailed audience profiles for niche’ targeting. The brand then came to life with new creative and edgy point of purchase materials to position the brand as a major player in the market.

An aggressive public relations plan was put in place to accentuate the amazing job the client was already doing at trade shows around the country. Plaid Swan wrote articles and conducted interviews with specialty publications and vape bloggers to assist in creating a following of loyal vapers.

A new e-commerce site is underway with Plaid Swan to allow for worldwide sales as early as Spring 2018.



The Results

In conjunction with Outagami’s dedicated and driven sales team, the branding and messaging connected instantly by vapers. Sales went nationwide in a matter of months and the client is currently building a new distribution center to complete everything from development to shipping of the product on site.

New lines are products are underway every day with Big River Trading Company and we don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.

Outagami Branding