Damage Control: How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

As Taylor Swift once said, “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.” That’s a lot of hate for one song, but sometimes we receive a lot of hate in our daily lives, especially online. Today, with social media right at our fingertips, negative reviews tend to arise. What you need to do is take […]


Pedialyte: The Hangover Cure

Your child’s Pedialyte is now curing adult-sized hangovers. For the longest time people used to open a bottle of Pedialyte only when their child was sick and dehydrated. Today, millennials and adults are opening bottles of Pedialyte because they had one too many adult beverages the night before. Pedialyte wants you to say good-bye to […]

Writer's Block - Plaid Swan

The Guatemala Experience

The building was shabby, and there were no obvious luxuries, but the children were happy, well-fed, and well-clothed.  They instantly recognized that the visitor was special because he reached out to touch their hands and quickly moved to giving loving bear hugs.  They loved him, especially those with special needs.  My friend Matt was a […]


Mythbusters: 4 Myths About a Marketing Agency

Mad Men. A show many of us are still having withdrawals from since it ended. A show that showed us that smoking could be smokin.’ A show where the fictional, Sterling Cooper advertising agency, pulled back the smoke-stained curtain and revealed the truth about what it’s really like to work at an ad agency. Right? […]


WNBA Star, Elena Delle Donne, Learns Social Media Can Be One Foul Game

Traveling. Palming. Charging. Goaltending. Double dribble. These are all considered fouls in basketball. You know what else can be foul? Social media. WNBA star, Elena Delle Donne, is learning this lesson better than most. On Friday, July 7, the Washington Mystics player was watching Lakers rookie, Lonzo Ball, play in his first summer league, all […]