WNBA Star, Elena Delle Donne, Learns Social Media Can Be One Foul Game

Traveling. Palming. Charging. Goaltending. Double dribble. These are all considered fouls in basketball. You know what else can be foul? Social media. WNBA star, Elena Delle Donne, is learning this lesson better than most. On Friday, July 7, the Washington Mystics player was watching Lakers rookie, Lonzo Ball, play in his first summer league, all […]


Museum of Failure: The Worst Products of All Time

These two robbers made their ‘mark’ in mug shot history. Why use ski masks when you can use permanent marker? It appears guilty was written all over their faces. Alright, so sometimes people make idiotic mistakes. The same can be true when it comes to products. Who remembers Colgate’s frozen lasagna? That was as useless […]


SNL: The Show That Wouldn’t Die

In recent months Nielsen (the Godfather of TV ratings) has declared Saturday Night Live to be among the season’s top-ten regularly scheduled entertainment series, for adults 18-50.  A lofty approval rating never before awarded to a non-prime time show. Viewership for this NBC’s sketch comedy series soared by more than 30 percent, compared to last […]

Writer's Block - Plaid Swan

Five Tips to More Effective Writing

“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha [that you] write it.” –Jack Kerouac Learning to write is like parenting; the job never ends.  It is an ongoing process which requires frequent practice and selfless critiquing.  Writers have written mountains about what a writer needs to do to build skills and create the best writing […]


Piss Poor Decision: Artist Puts Urinating Dog Next to ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue

One pissed off artist. One piss poor decision.   Urine trouble. Correction, I mean – you’re in trouble, Alex Gardega. What in the world would possess you to take something as wonderful and iconic as the Fearless Girl Statue on Wall Street and desecrate it with a pissing dog? For those of you who haven’t […]


How Heineken Got It So Right and Pepsi Got It So Wrong

Two beverage ads. Two bottles to pop off. You guzzle down both, but only one is respectively refreshing. Beer. Pepsi. We tend to love them both. But in one particular instance, Pepsi left us with gut rot and the strong desire to pour the remaining 5 cans we have stored in our garage refrigerator, down […]