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The Perils of Plagiarism

The Web was abuzz with a story purporting that the White House plagiarized part of a congratulatory statement about ExxonMobil, lifting parts of ExxonMobil’s own press release about its Growing the Gulf project. A few years ago, Hungary’s president resigned because of a scandal which alleged he had plagiarized sources for his doctoral thesis; he […]


Uber’s PR Crisis Has Been One Hell Of A Ride

Pump the breaks! If you haven’t heard about Uber’s rough start to the 2017 year then maybe you’ve been driving under one too many tunnels. Uber has been slowly roasting beneath the beaming spotlight these past months for several stunning scandals. Let’s break this down by months and highlight some of the key points: January […]


Dove Releases New Body-Shaped Bottles: When Good Brands Make Bad Decisions

No curves? You shall be a banana. Large waist and small hips?  Yes, you are an apple. Little upper body but large hips? Nailed it, you’re a pear. Women. Fruit. What do these two things have in common? Sounds a little fruity, but society does compare the two. For the longest time, we have associated […]

Writer's Block - Plaid Swan

Putting Modifiers in Their Place

“We saw dinosaurs on a field trip to the natural history museum.”  (Who knew that dinosaurs liked field trips?) “Flying over the African landscape, the elephant herd looked majestic.”  (I never knew elephants could fly.) “I glimpsed a rat sorting the recyclable materials.”  (I have a great respect for rats who have such an active […]

Writer's Block - Plaid Swan

The Challenges of Learning English

Who Says It’s Easy to Learn English? Many, if not most, of us have studied a foreign language in school.  You studied pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and syntax.  You probably attempted stilted conversations with classmates and the instructor, and you may have even watched movies and read a book in the language.  For some this […]


Beauty and the Beast: A Small Provincial Town Reborn

A tale as old as time. With time – a tale can change, and the times are changing. In the past, Disney movies wouldn’t touch sexuality or any subject that would be considered risqué, with a ten-foot pole. Welcome to the 21st century Disney, you’ve come a long way! What better way to showcase this […]