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Here at Plaid Swan, our philosophy and work approach are centered around you. We are committed to working with our clients to understand their industry, competition, and business objectives. True product knowledge builds a strong foundation and sets the tone for strategy throughout the entire process. We take our partnership with clients very seriously.


Each step of the campaign will be approached with a promise to stay within budget and deliver on time. Projects are added to our traffic system and monitored by your account manager. Our top priority is keeping your campaign on schedule by staying in communication with our clients until the job is done.


Our approach starts with an honest conversation about your company, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. With a clear understanding of your business, we will be able to work with you to identify realistic, measurable goals and a strategy for your marketing, media, creative and public relations efforts.




Betsy serves as your marketing expert and leads the creative and account teams. Betsy’s tourism and gaming background and previous experience and passion for marketing showcases her as an integral piece for the development of your strategic campaign.


With over 20 years of experience, Betsy has held the position of Corporate Managing Director for a large media firm with three ad agencies, positioning them as premier agencies in the Midwest. She also has previous experience as a creative director, copywriter, public relations specialist and strategic planner, making her the ideal fit for your organization’s needs.

Simply put, she knows how to drive a business to success.


“I strive for open, honest communication. These values guide all of my actions and decisions. I take my work and relationships very seriously; however, I believe that people that work together should enjoy the experience. Life is better with positive relationships.”


Vicki’s passion for media, attention to detail, and love of research have led her to become one of the most well-rounded media strategists in the Midwest. Vicki is Plaid Swan’s resident traditional and new media expert and leads the strategic approach for all media, digital, social media, goal setting and analysis of client campaigns.

Prior to starting Plaid Swan, Vicki held the position of Director of Media Communications for a large agency. Over the past decade, Vicki has been instrumental in the development and implementation of regional and national campaigns.

Where Vicki truly shines is the ongoing analysis of advertising campaigns. She has earned the reputation for being tough but fair with the vendors she works with. Clients have come to rely upon Vicki’s attention to detail to ensure they get the most from every advertising effort, all placements run as expected, and every dollar is accounted for.


“I am passionate about media—any form of media. I find the psychological, emotional and cultural aspects of media fascinating. I love analyzing how people consume media to identify the best manner to communicate with them. I am always willing to explore a new concept or idea and definitely love to reinterpret traditional media in a new way.”