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As a full-service marketing communications firm, we combine our strengths to help you meet your goals. Our agency is female owned and operated with a team of experienced, critical thinkers dedicated to helping you communicate with your target audience. We use smart, insightful strategy to pave the way for powerful ideas that provide positive outcomes. Our ideas work, and our clients benefit. The results speak for themselves.


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Strategic Planning

The right strategy ensures you are in the right place, armed with the right message, for the most impact. We start with thoughtful strategy that leads to powerful ideas and undeniable results. LEARN MORE

Public Relations

Public relations plays an important role in the marketing mix. We use PR to help you to tell your story, engage your audience, and connect in a way that builds credibility. LEARN MORE


Great creative can help move markets. We work to push your creative to the next level by bringing insightful strategy to life. LEARN MORE


Your website is the modern storefront of your business. We work with you to help ensure the design reflects your brand, the message speaks to your audience, and the back-end is optimized for the best user experience. LEARN MORE


Media strategy is not about connecting with everyone, it’s about connecting with the right person at the right time in the right place. We create custom media strategies that are targeted to help you meet your goals. LEARN MORE

Social Media

Social media has changed the way we do business. We work with our clients to identify ways to use social media to share the personality of your business and build strong brand loyalty. LEARN MORE





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How Radio is Relevant to Marketing and Advertising

Unlike popular belief—video did not kill the radio star. In fact, radio isn’t as outdated as the giant metal box with an antenna in your attic. It’s one of the [...]
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Marketing IRL, Episode 1: Radio Buying

Have you ever wondered how to get your business or organization on the radio, a media channel that still reaches the widest and largest audience? If you [...]
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Utilizing Personas to Reach Your Target Audience

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your company could target and attract everyone as a customer? Every single person?  It’s not realistic. This is where target audiences [...]
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Marketing IRL Episode 000: Kassie & Emily IRL

Welcome to Plaid Swan’s podcast, Marketing IRL. This show is all about the listener and their job in real life (IRL). If you’re a marketer, agency [...]
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Pink Tax: The price of being a woman

Early in my college years, when I started making my own money and paying for my own necessities, I quickly learned that men’s disposable razors were cheaper than the [...]
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Simple Rules for Using Colons and Semicolons

Does the use of semicolons and colons confuse you?  You’re in good company.  Many people either confuse the two or don’t know how to use them correctly.  Semicolons [...]
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10 Marketing terms you need to know

The world of marketing can be a complex realm for many people. It’s easy to get confused, especially when seasoned marketers are throwing around terms that might be [...]
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Modernize your Business English

In the past year, I wrote about phrases that no longer have modern day meanings because the referents are outdated such as in, “You sound like a broken record.”  [...]
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Social media is not a billboard

At Plaid Swan, we are constantly thinking about social media and where it is taking brands these days. Social media is constantly changing, but there’s one aspect [...]
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Last year I wrote about some “maddening” word choices that I encountered when I was teaching. No matter how many times I addressed five common mistakes in student [...]


Sadly, the summer music festival season is coming to an end. Time to hang up the sunglasses and body glitter and swap them for your cardigans, boots and gourmet [...]

Traditional Media vs. Social Media (1 minute read)

The process of deciding to allot money into either traditional or social media ads can be daunting. The advertising world is always changing, so it can be tough [...]
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Nike: Making waves since ‘88

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign, and from the very first ad, Nike has been addressing social issues. The first spot was a nod to [...]
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Traverse City Film Festival

When I wrote recently about my bucket list, I included a desire to go to a world-famous film festival such as Sundance or Cannes someday.  That’s still on my list, [...]
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Lucky Number 7

In honor of Plaid Swan’s Seventh Birthday, we decided to pay a quick tribute to the number seven – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lucky number seven anyone? Here [...]
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