The Brief

The nonprofit Someday Foundation plans two fundraisers per year to raise money to help with the everyday costs of living while a family is focused on caring for a sick family member.

The events are very popular in the area with high turnout and successful fundraising, but their website could not keep up. The information was outdated and wasn’t able to tell the amazing story of the nonprofit, and the links to sign up for events was often wrong. In such a technology-centered and fast-paced world, this website was in dire need of an overhaul, or they would risk losing donors or event participants.

Our Solution

Someday Foundation needed a platform to show potential donors, event-goers and volunteers that their cause is worthy of attention and that so many lives are positively impacted by the support of the nonprofit. We worked with the Foundation to identify the purpose of the website and to brand it appropriately for the audience that it is intended to serve.

The Result

With a focus on functionality and story-telling, the Someday Foundation website was rebuilt. The home page features images of the types of people and families the organization supports, and it highlights the current signup link for the next fundraising event.

With the Foundation’s mission statement front and center, and the link to sign up for upcoming events clearly visible, the website more easily facilitates event-goers and donors, furthering the goals and objectives of the nonprofit.


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