The Brief

Meskwaki Inc. is the economic development branch of the Meskwaki Tribe’s portfolio. This organization, in combination with the very large casino operation, creates the revenue stream for the settlement and the Tribal Members.

The Meskwaki Inc. is the umbrella organization to over 20 businesses, many providing local, national and international products and services. Their mission is to create diverse, profitable and sustainable businesses that provide meaningful opportunities for the members of the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa.

Plaid Swan was brought on board to provide a strategic marketing path, along with polished branding to each of these organizations. Our goal was to ensure that each division of this group is aware of the product lines when the sales team goes in. The largest division is Big River Trading Company. This single division produces and sells tobacco and vape products; and food products and retail home goods to an internal audience. Fuel companies, construction, technology, real estate and many more are also a part of this lineup.

Our Solution

Our initial project was to create a very credible corporate brand for Meskwaki Inc. They have a beautiful logo in place, so we simply launched it with a new website stationary and sales materials, along with other creative projects. Our objective is to make it clear to all that become involved with Meskwaki Inc. that this organization is the number one leader in Native American goods and services.

Public relations has been added in the form of regional and national news coverage to introduce Meskwaki Inc. and its divisions to the commercial world on a much larger scale.

The Results

Meskwaki Inc. continues to grow at a fast rate, not only in sales but in reputation. There has been a dramatic increase in interest from the United States and internationally, as well. The organization is in the process of constructing a new distribution center to create, develop and ship product at a faster pace.

Meskwaki Media Relations

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