Unlike popular belief—video did not kill the radio star. In fact, radio isn’t as outdated as the giant metal box with an antenna in your attic. It’s one of the oldest mediums that’s managed to survive technological revolutions throughout the decades. Radio is the highest-reaching platform with over 243 million American adults listening to the radio each month. This includes a diverse population of Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers that still consume radio regularly. The best part? It’s relatively cheap to advertise to local consumers.

It’s cross-generational.

Close out of Facebook and tune into this: radio is an active medium with an active society. The radio is always present when you’re running an errand, studying for an exam or trying to finish a deadline at the office. Consumers can open their smartphone, lab top, or tablet and can access their favorite local radio talk show at any time.

It’s geographically tailored.

Radio is as unique as the city it’s broadcasting in. Listeners from California could be tuned into the same station as those in New York and hear completely different stations tailored to completely different audiences. This local factor is the driving force that has kept radio alive for all these decades. No other medium can reach such a broad cross-section of customers as radio can. People trust local news over national because it comes from trusted sources in your community that convey relevant information pertaining to your town. Consumers enjoy shopping local for the benefit of keeping money circulated in the community, which makes local radio advertisements effective.

It’s powerful.

Promoting an advertisement does not always guarantee your audience will hear what you’re trying to sell. The radio allows your voice to be the front page of the paper. Radio stirs emotions and creates empathy, and ultimately drives consumers demand for a certain product or service. Besides, who doesn’t like a little mystery in their life? Radio lets you explore your imagination. Without a face to the voice, consumers paint their own desired picture.

Lastly, it’s a way to be creative.

Did I mention how much fun it can be to create an ad on the radio? Everyone can recall a catchy radio ad they hear often, which is what makes creating that tune so entertaining. Your message could be funny, touching, or romantic, but make sure its memorable. Consumers can scan over small details of an advertisement online or in print, but on the radio, they take in the entirety. Keeping radio advertisements memorable and consistent is an inexpensive way to market to your audience.