Ghostwriting has a renowned and lengthy history. Some of the most famous politicians, artists and authors have employed ghostwriters to engage their audiences, all while attaining fortune and success.

What is ghostwriting?

While it sounds like a secret and spooky act, ghostwriting is just a word to describe the act of one person writing in the name of another person. For instance, if an assistant writes a memo for their boss, and their boss sends it with their signature, that is considered ghostwriting (in its most basic form).

It takes some serious skill to be able to write in the tone and format of another, which is why ghostwriters are able to remain anonymous and, also, highly regarded by those who employ them.

Who hires them?

Ghostwriting has proven to be an effective practice and continues to be beneficial for both the influencer and the writer behind their triumphs. This mutual affiliation creates an opportunity for the celebrity to communicate and to grow their following, while the ghostwriter gains a substantial amount of funds in return. Since many are unfamiliar with how widespread this practice is, here are some examples of the most influential people who use ghostwriters.


In the music industry, ghostwriting has been a long-running tradition. According to Billboard, Beyoncé, along with an array of other musicians, has hired several A-list songwriters to compose her famous tracks. Artists such as Frank Ocean, Sia, Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake, have all penned hits for this multi-platinum artist.

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini, the famous escape artist and illusionist, worked with H.P. Lovecraft, a ghostwriter exploring the supernatural and science fiction. Houdini requested him to produce several pieces of ghostwritten content, including “Imprisoned with the Pharaohs” and “The Cancer of Superstition,” which has been auctioned off for over $25,000, according to The Guardian.

Barack Obama

Most prominent politicians have a ghostwriter to help craft their ideal speech and to persuade the public on the latest issues. According to U.S. News, Former President Barack Obama was no different. Obama’s first notable partnership was with Jonathan Favreau, whom Obama described as a “mind reader.” Just as Obama has, many other modern politicians owe their success to a ghostwriter.

Why does it work?

When these politicians, artists, and authors want to create an enticing speech, produce inspiring songs and write riveting books, a ghostwriter will step on board to produce high-quality, professional writing. Putting words to paper is not always the simplest task, but many of these influential personalities must be able to communicate with their audiences to stay “in.”

Having a ghostwriter allows the star to tap into their thoughts and the messages they want to convey without worrying about sounding inept or unprofessional. They continue to hold their dignity high and bring light to a common purpose. This is how they keep their audience engrossed and continuously coming back for more.

How can it help your business?

Similarly, your business may want to start up a new website, become present on social media or need news releases for upcoming events. Having a professional writer on hand is often the best solution to produce the dazzling copy you are searching for, whether it’s through articles and press releases or social media posts and blogs.

Plaid Swan can make that happen. We work with you to ensure your message speaks to your audience. Show your personality through your website. Communicate on your social media platforms. Shed light on upcoming events. Whatever you have, bring it to our experienced team for quickly produced content that will constantly excite your audience.

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