Marketing Intern Shannon Moore sat down with our Content Strategist, Emily Bettridge, to learn more about the person behind the position. Emily joined Plaid Swan back in July of 2017 and is a graduate of the University of Iowa School of Journalism. Emily grew up in the Chicagoland area but relocated to Iowa for school, and after falling in love with the Corridor, decided to stay to start a career in Public Relations and Marketing. Keep reading to learn more about our resident Content Strategist!

What I like…

There are two constants in my life: a morning cup of tea and a daily episode (or six) of Friends. I was recently teased because I know what happens in every episode based on the title alone… #obsessed

What I don’t…

I do not like bugs of any kind, Saturday obligations, or writing with pencils.

Did you Know…

If I complete a task that wasn’t on my to-do list, I will write it down just to be able to cross it off.

What is the most challenging part of your job as a content strategist?

The most challenging part of my job has been learning how to say “no” when I have too much on my plate. I am a people-pleaser and a problem-solver, so I tend to try to take on all of the projects, only to find myself working long hours to get everything done. But I always find a way to get it all done!

What is the biggest perk of working for Plaid Swan?

The biggest perk of working for Plaid Swan is the ability to do anything that interests me. For example, I’m extremely interested in learning about the data behind the work we do for clients, so I’m starting Google Analytics training to dig a little deeper and become an expert in putting the pieces together to see the bigger picture surrounding the work we do for our clients.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

I would have the ability to teleport! I am not a huge fan of waiting in lines at airports…

Where is your favorite place and why?

I believe my favorite place has yet to be discovered, however, I’ve been obsessed with the Carmel Beaches in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. I visited a friend in the area and these beaches stole my heart. The white sand, beautiful climate, and adorable shopping area will forever be a favorite destination.

What is your go-to afternoon pick me up?

If I’m feeling an afternoon slump, I will usually do a quick, 5-minute yoga flow, make a cup of tea, or take a short walk to get the brain juices flowing. I love working in a city so there’s always something interesting to see on a walk – if the weather cooperates!

What is one piece of advice you’d give to new college grads?

Don’t give up and don’t sell yourself short! Chances are, you learned a lot of very valuable skills in college, so be creative in turning those skills around to be applicable to the work you will be doing full-time. For example, if you were a waiter or waitress all four years of college, you learned customer service skills, multi-tasking, time management skills and how to prioritize tasks based on your tables’ needs. These skills are all transferable to working with multiple clients at a time in the agency world, so you just need to show hiring managers how it relates to the job at hand.

If you were up next for karaoke what song would you sing?

Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart – as long as I have my partner in crime there to sing it with me!

If you could be one character from Friends who would it be?

I always found myself to be a little bit of every character, but personality-wise, I’m probably a close mix between Rachel’s loyalty and shopping habits, Joey’s eating habits, and Phoebe’s optimism and sense of humor. Aren’t we all a little mix of the whole gang?