Plaid Swan, Inc. headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa is proud to announce their expansion into Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  This expansion will add additional employees, including our newest employee, Caitlin Wiedenheft. Caitlin is the new Director of Business Development and will be based in the Cedar Rapids office.

Brittani Wilson: Welcome to Plaid Swan, Caitlin!  As the newest member of our team, what are you looking forward to most about working at Plaid Swan?

Caitlin Wiedenheft: Well this is a career change for me. I have a background in TV and video, so working in sales is something completely new for me. It’s a little scary, but it’s also the thing I’m looking forward to most. Developing new skills, meeting new people and reinventing myself are also some perks of this role. I think I have some great skills and connections that Plaid Swan and our clients can benefit from, and vice versa. It is all new and I enjoy that because I get the chance to make it my own.

Brittani: As the new Director of Business Development, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Caitlin: Because this is a new role, I will spend some time creating goals, strategic plans and defining expectations of the position. I will create a roadmap of potential clients in the region and a calendar of networking events to attend to make sure people know we’re here in Cedar Rapids.

Brittani: Here at Plaid Swan, we all have short and long term goals we’re looking to achieve.  Tell me, what are some of your goals for your role and Plaid Swan?

Caitlin: Now that I’m in sales, I have specific goals tied to sales, but ultimately my goal is to help Plaid Swan grow in eastern Iowa and to help our clients achieve their goals. When I interviewed for the job, Betsy and Vicki admitted there’s a certain type of client Plaid Swan attracts. They want what’s best for the business, as well as the staff. It’s important for them to consider the team when deciding whether or not to take on a new client. So another goal I see for myself is a professional relationship match-maker. It’s not about just signing on clients to bring in more sales, that’s not what we’re about. It’s about building each other up and into creative, positive, and successful businesses while we all work in areas that we are passionate about.

Brittani: As much as we all love Plaid Swan, every team member has something outside of the office they’re passionate about. Tell me a little about your hobbies or interests.

Caitlin: My husband, John, and I volunteer a lot and we are currently raising and training a service dog through Deafinitely Dogs based in Cedar Rapids. I enjoy learning how to train a dog to do extraordinary things. The things dogs are capable of is just amazing and I’m excited to be a part of their career.

Brittani: Lastly, what do you want current and future Plaid Swan clients to know about you?

Caitlin: I graduated from UNI and worked in video at Mayo Clinic and KAAL-TV in Rochester, MN. For the last five years, I’ve been creating videos, marketing and event planning at United Way of East Central Iowa. I’m very excited to now be here at Plaid Swan. I think you’ll discover that I’m very organized and I like coffee meetings. Lots of coffee, especially before 8am.

To contact Caitlin, please email or call 563-556-1633 ex.3

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