A Small Business Website Can Make a Big Impact

According to a GoDaddy survey, almost 60% of small businesses with less than five employees do not have a website. The survey reported that this is because small businesses see themselves as too small, they lacked technical expertise, or couldn’t afford it.

Another interesting statistic that came out of this study was that of the surveyed businesses that do have websites, 83% stated their online platforms gave them a competitive advantage over businesses without a site.

Many small businesses can be intimated when it comes to websites. They feel like the process will be overwhelming, costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a big, expensive site to have an impactful online presence.

It is true what they say in the online world, “content is king.” However, you don’t need a large amount of content to have a successful website. What you do need is quality, focused content. In a world of too much information, many people appreciate a smaller website that is clear, direct and simple.  Focusing the website content to a few pages creates a quick resource and provides a clear path to exactly what they are looking for.

In addition, most websites don’t benefit from 50+ pages to get ranked with search engines.  It is more important that it has quality content containing keyword-rich language specific to the topic of your product or service. What are your customers searching for when looking for you and your competitors? Give your customers what they are looking for and search engines will follow.

Another key to increasing your organic search is having fresh content for the search engines to index. Adding a blog that incorporates your keywords is an easy way to add new content to the website on an ongoing basis.  This also provides a perfect platform to demonstrate expertise in your area of business.

A smaller website can be beneficial to both your business and your customers. A website can be cost efficient, effective and present your company as an expert in your market.  In addition, it provides your customers the information they need at their fingertips when looking for solutions that relate to your product or service.

Think of a website as a salesperson that works for you 24/7!