No matter the shape or size of your company, getting in front of clients and customers is vital to your business’ success. It’s what makes your business, a business. The marketing and advertising opportunities are endless, but one often overlooked way to get your name out into the world is to get published.

Now, you might be thinking, what do you mean by “published?” This doesn’t mean you need to write a novel, but having someone on your team manage or guest write on a credible blog, create a company newsletter for consumers, or write an article or column for a newspaper or magazine will put your company under spotlights where traditional media doesn’t normally reach.

Free publicity

Yes, you heard it right: free! Getting published in newspapers puts your byline and business’ expertise in front of their readership. In the print world, readership extends beyond circulation, or people who pay for the publication. Think of how many public places have newspapers or magazines sitting out for people to read, such as the library, coffee shops, hair salons… and the list goes on. Beyond paid subscribers, many more people will read the article.

When it comes to online publications, blogs, columns or other forms of digital work, the reach has even greater potential. With a click of a button, an article can be shared on social media or forwarded in an email, where others can then share or forward, and so on. Include your email address or Twitter handle to drive traffic – or should we say, future customers – to your website or inbox.

Establishes credibility

With Google as a verb in this digital age, people are turning to the internet to answer any of life’s questions, from something as simple as how to hard boil eggs to researching college essays. When you share information pertaining to the line of work you do every day, you become an expert to them in that moment.

For example, a chiropractor may write a column in the local newspaper about ways to avoid immediate and long-term health issues from working extended hours at a desk. When a reader sees that the article is written by a health professional and printed in an edited publication, the reader likely to then view the writer as a credible source and follow the advice.

Keeps your company top of mind

 Once you are established as a credible source to your future customers by appearing in publications they read, the next time your services are needed, your name will already be at the top of their mind.

Let’s go back to our chiropractor’s story. After a reader finds value in the information found in the article, they are more likely to think back to the author the next time they find themselves in need of a chiropractor.

Last words of advice…

Finally, as with any form of marketing, the more people exposed to your business, the better chance you have to attract business. Pitch your article to as many sources as you can, but make sure your material fits their audience to improve the odds of publication.

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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 -Emily Bettridge │ Multimedia Specialist & Content Developer