All rise.

“What say you Madam Forman, have you reached a verdict in which you all agree?”

“We have your honor.”

“Very well, what say you?”

“We find in favor of the defendant, that all businesses should be on social media.”

“Thank you for your time and services. Court is adjourned.” The wooden gavel hits the desk with a thunderous bang.

Well, there you have it. The verdict is in. It’s unanimous that your company should be on social media. Why, you might ask? First, let’s look at some of the facts. Did you now there are roughly 1.18 billion monthly active users on Facebook? Over 500 million users and 70 million photos are being shared each day on Instagram. As of 2017, 328 million people are using Twitter and 500 million tweets are sent a day. 65% of U.S. companies are now using Twitter for marketing purposes. Lastly, two new members join LinkedIn every second. That’s 86,400 per day!

What do all these statistics mean? It means millions of people are online each day with social media platforms right at their fingertips. By having your business on social media, you are increasing customer engagement, brand awareness and visibility, and potentially sales. As Tom Cruise would say, “Show me the money!” Social media platforms have become ginormous, offering businesses valuable information about their customers, and even better, a free way to do so. Wondering how your business can benefit from social media? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Take a seat and take some notes, because court is in session.

  1. Gain Customer Insight: Everyday your customers are tweeting, posting photos on Instagram, and liking posts on Facebook. All of this data gives you good insight into who they are and what they like. It also allows you to see how they feel about your brand and others in the market. By watching their engagement and listening carefully, you can use this data to your business’s advantage and customize toward their needs, wants, and likes. For example, Hootsuite Insights, gives real-time data from over 100 million sources across 25+ social networks. This allows you to gather information on all your social networks, in real time. This allows you to see what people are saying about your brand and run real-time reports.


  1. Increase Your Brand Awareness: When you are present on social media it is easier for viewers and customers to find your brand, services, and connect. When you connect with customers on social media, you increase your brand awareness and visibility. In fact, according to a study by The Social Habit, 53 percent of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands. By being active on social platforms it shows your customers that you are up to date, enhancing the feelings of trust, signaling that you care, and letting them know you can easily be contacted.


  1. Keep Track of Your Competitors:

    Stalking. We’ve all been there – am I right? Woah, woah! Social media stalking I mean. Many people out there have done some sort of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram stalking before whether that was scrolling though someone’s photos or reading a list of their tweets. In the same vein, it isn’t a bad idea to keep an eye out on your competitors. Watching their activity keeps you up to date on what they’re doing as well as giving you extra insight into your industry. By knowing this information, you can compare their strategies to yours to help improve your business and make sure you’re one step ahead. You can also use Hootsuite to screen industry keywords and references of your competitors’ names and products.


  1. Promote Your Content: Want customers to read your latest blog, know about a new product or service you’re launching, or a new tip or trick occurring in your industry? Then your business should be on social media to promote them all. Social media platforms allow you to increase awareness about your company and the work you do. When viewers see your writing or different skills you possess online, this builds your reputation and expertise. Social media can be your magnet.


Should your business be on social media? It seems this one is a slam dunk. The verdict is in and the answer is a resounding yes. So, what are you waiting for? Be present online, connect with customers, and increase sales. It’s as simple as that. Case closed.

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-Haley Corkery │ Public Relations Specialist