This is a phrase that any marketer has probably heard. Content marketing is a valuable strategy for a variety of reasons.


In today’s world of marketing and advertising, there is so much clutter causing traditional marketing to lose effectiveness. Content

The Plaid Swan Blog is an example of content marketing.

The Plaid Swan Blog is an example of content marketing.

marketing is a strategy that entails creating content based on an organizations goals which is also attractive and relevant to target customers in order to attract and retain them. Content marketing aims to change or increase consumer behavior.

When an organization focuses on content marketing, they will create content that their customers are seeking out. This kind of marketing is not disruptive and repetitive, but rather helpful and insightful. Readers become better educated or find solutions to problems they may have. Content marketing does not focus on the rental of mediums like billboards, radio time, and print ads. Content marketing is owned and unique content that cuts through the clutter, without the customer even realizing it.

“Content” itself can be a variety of items from blog posts to tutorial videos. The content created for content marketing helps organizations establish a personality, which guides target customers from an introduction to a sale while answering their questions and not being intrusive.



Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

By establishing a content rich website and other medias, organizations demonstrate their expertise by helping to educate or entertain others. This establishes the organization as a thought leader, which may give an organization more influence over buying decisions and overall increases their credibility. Customers are happier when they are working with the best of the best.

Creating unique content specific to the target audience increases the amount of engagement with that content leading to more views and more influence. A fluid tone and personality across all channels of content creates deeper relationships with customers before they even speak with a person from an organization.

Inbound Traffic and Lead Generation

When used strategically and correctly, content marketing is a driver of engagement and ROI. First, content marketing creates websites that are content rich. Content rich websites perform better in search results and are easier to find, especially those with more content than others. Sixty-eight percent of consumers prefer custom content, so it is not surprising that content rich websites perform so much better.

Additionally, this increase in inbound traffic increases lead generation drastically. Content rich websites garner 97% more leads than websites that are not content-rich or host a blog. This is probably why 93% of companies in the B2B market use content marketing.


Overall, strategic content marketing can be much more effective than traditional marketing. It does take time and money to create content that will truly resonate with a target audience, but that can be so much more valuable than the thousands of dollars spent on traditional marketing crafted generically to reach a mass audience.

Content marketing is both cost and target effective. This means more sales coming in with less money going out and that is a win.

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