Your child’s Pedialyte is now curing adult-sized hangovers.

For the longest time people used to open a bottle of Pedialyte only when their child was sick and dehydrated. Today, millennials and adults are opening bottles of Pedialyte because they had one too many adult beverages the night before.

Pedialyte wants you to say good-bye to mornings where your hangover cycle kicks in.

According to Pedialyte’s website, “Pedialyte is a medical-grade hydration solution specially formulated with the optimal balance of sugar and electrolytes needed to help replenish vital fluids, minerals, and nutrients, which, when lost, can lead to dehydration.” In other words, it’s a drink filled with what you need to beat the morning hangovers.

Gone are the days when cure-all mom made you sip on Pedialyte when you were sick. Now, the re-hydrating drink is being marketed to adults. Many of the new ads feature men and women looking like desperate for relief. What can save them from their misery of a hangover? Only the miraculous Pedialyte. It’s always there to save the day. One ad reads, “When last night’s party threatens to ruin today, those in the know reach for Pedialyte.” Another states, “Just one drink they said. Just an hour they said. See the lyte to feel better fast.”

Since 2012, Pedialyte’s total sales are up 57 percent primarily due to the populous of 21-year olds using it to end their misery of a long night of binge drinking. It is no surprise the brand that previously focused on children, shifted gears to target this new market. While adult use historically had accounted for 10%-15% of Pedialyte sales, it now represents over 33% of total revenue, or upwards of $102 million. Although the company doesn’t plan to change its name to target adult consumers, it is introducing flavors such as strawberry lemonade and orange.

In addition, Pedialyte has been appearing at hundreds of musical festivals and sporting events throughout the U.S., giving away free samples. The hype has even spread to social media with many celebrities from Pharrell Williams to Miley Cyrus posting selfies, crediting Pedialyte as their hangover cure.

Pedialyte has added to their brand by coming out with on-the-go powder packets and freezer pops. These versions are more convenient and less obvious than hauling around the standard jug of Pedialyte.

Is it safe for millennials and adults to chug Pedialyte quicker than their three rum and cokes from the night before? Dr. Robert Glatter explains, “Both glucose and fructose contained in Pedialyte can help both children and adults reabsorb water along with depleted electrolytes, and thus aid in rehydration.”  So the answer is yes, a resounding, Yes!

What does all of this mean? Pedialyte has upped their game, changed tactics, and renovated their marketing and targeting.

They’ve traded in their teddy bears for tequila sunrises.


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