Are you frustrated your business lacks visibility and digital reach? Listen, there are many solutions people can throw at you, however, have you heard the benefits of utilizing a blog to gain visibility in the digital landscape?  45% of marketers say that blogging is their most lucrative content strategy. It is not only a great way to inform people about who you are and what is important to your business, but it keeps your site active and feeds the search engine. Let’s take a more in depth look on how this breaks down.

Higher traffic = more sales

Creating a blog provides fresh and relevant content for your customers to share. Continually posting new and interesting content inspires your followers to share your articles via their social media platforms, in turn driving new readers to your website. The more traffic to your website, the more sales your company will likely generate. Whether your company is business to business or business to consumer, there is proven success with utilizing blogs. B2B companies generate 67% more leads per month using blogs, while B2C companies generate 88% more leads. Although writing takes time, it has proven to pay off in the grand scheme of things.


Gives your business a voice

Having a blog gives your business the chance to get creative and venture from the formal nature of your website. It allows you to create content in a relatable tone your customers will feel connected to. You have free reign—to an extent—to write about topics that are important to you and the clients you work for.


You are the expert

Does your business receive frequently asked questions?  It’s recommended that one of the first topics you should focus on is diving into one of those questions in depth. This allows you to showcase you are an expert in that area and in turn, draws people to your website when they search those specific questions. This also increases the likelihood that person will come back to your website for future answers and tips. For example ( internal plug J ) when we at Plaid Swan communicate about the different ways digital marketing can help your business, you’re probably going to search in the future for more advice on similar topics, such as Facebook’s Algorithm Update and why you should be split testing.


Boosts SEO

Who isn’t trying to find the newest way to boost SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in a condensed definition, is the way someone finds your website using a search engine, such as Google. The higher your company is listed on Google, the more likely it is that someone will click on your website versus a competitor’s. Google uses an algorithm that lists web pages in a specific order according to their SEO. The algorithm allows Google to crawl through every web page, on every website and rank their SEO based on keyword phrases, graphics that are used, social networking and backlinks.

Blogging helps boost SEO because it creates additional content for Google and other search party websites to keyword match and crawl through. Additionally, the post permanently exists on the internet and although it may not hit the desired number of likes and shares on the first day of publishing, it will continue to show up in readers feeds and search engine sites. This will allow other bloggers and media to cite your work, continually driving new readers and traffic to your website.

Still having trouble understanding how it works? Check out the graphic below to help:




If you have noticed traffic to your website is down or stagnant, it’s time to start writing.  Blogging continues to be a key component of online marketing strategies helping drive customers to your website and in return, your bottom line.


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lindsay– Lindsay Hottovy │ Public Relations Intern