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As a full-service marketing communications firm, we will combine our strengths to help you meet your goals. We are a female owned and operated agency, with a team of experienced, critical thinkers who are dedicated to helping you communicate with your target audience. We use smart, insightful strategy to pave the way for powerful ideas that provide results. Our ideas work, and our clients benefit. The results speak for themselves.


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Strategic Planning

The right strategy ensures you are in the right place, armed with the right message, for the most impact. We start with thoughtful strategy that leads to powerful ideas and undeniable results. LEARN MORE

Public Relations

Public relations plays an important role in the marketing mix. We use PR to help you to tell your story, engage your audience, and connect in a way that builds credibility. LEARN MORE


Media strategy is not about connecting with everyone, it’s about connecting with the right person at the right time in the right place. We create custom media strategies that are targeted to help you meet your goals. LEARN MORE


Your website is the modern storefront of your business. We work with you to help ensure the design reflects your brand, the message speaks to your audience, and the back-end is optimized for the best user experience. LEARN MORE


Great creative can help move markets. We work to push your creative to the next level by bringing insightful strategy to life. LEARN MORE

Social Media

Social media has changed the way we do business. We work with our clients to identify ways to use social media to share the personality of your business and build strong brand loyalty. LEARN MORE





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Social Media: The Benefit of Utilizing Content Calendars

It’s 2018, so whether you are a local community bank, a retirement home, or a Fortune 500 company, your business should be creating and sharing content via social [...]
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Phrases That Have Outlived Their Original Meanings

Every language has its special phrases that no longer make sense if you look at the exact meanings of the words.  Together such words and phrases have unique [...]
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Interview with an Employee: Emily Bettridge, Content Strategist

Marketing Intern Shannon Moore sat down with our Content Strategist, Emily Bettridge, to learn more about the person behind the position. Emily joined Plaid Swan [...]
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Let’s Get Picky: the Em Dash, the En Dash, and the Hyphen

My teacher in ninth grade English, Mrs. Wood, was picky.  The first written assignment I turned in to her was returned to me with a low grade because I had not used [...]
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Media planning vs. Media buying

Do you PLAN your company’s media or are you just buying space based on what the media outlets are putting in front of you? Many organizations spend thousands of [...]
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Taking a lesson from the brand loyalty of sports

I grew up in a basketball house. Both of my brothers played basketball, my dad was a coach and I played all throughout middle school and high school. It was a sport [...]
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Great Teachers Create Successful Leaders

It’s a worthwhile endeavor to reach back in time and remember teachers who made a difference in our lives.  What was it about them that made them so memorable?  What [...]
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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and this year there is a strong call to #PressforProgress. Founded more than a century ago after 15,000 women marched in New York [...]
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What the #MeToo movement means for your business

The #MeToo movement has been front and center recently with Hollywood leading the charge during this awards season. Whether it’s wearing black or donning a [...]
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Fun with Words

Famed comedian Groucho Marx in his 1933 film Duck Soup said, “I’ve got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it” (attributed to writer Bert [...]
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Public Relations: Perfecting Your Pitch

  Media outlets are inundated with press releases and media alerts, story ideas and press invitations. Everybody wants their story to gain media coverage so [...]
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Book Series for a Cold Winter’s Night Read

In the last few years, I have become taken by several book series.  I keep checking for the release dates on new additions to each series and shamelessly buy the [...]
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Commercials that won the Super Bowl

In case you missed it, football’s biggest night happened on Sunday. While the game was an epic win for the Eagles, and everyone was left wondering if Justin [...]
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Tune Your Tone

“Good job.”  These two words can be said in so many ways that completely change their meaning.  Imagine someone saying them with enthusiasm so that they are a [...]
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The Facebook algorithm is changing… again.

What does this mean for you and your business? What does this mean for the platform in general? What can you do moving forward, despite all the moving and shaking in [...]
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